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 ISO 9001:2000 Our Commitment to You


Sutton Group Professional Realty is the only residential real estate company in Atlantic Canada, and the 2nd residential real estate company in Canada, to become ISO 9001:2000 Certified.

Quality is as important in the real estate business as it is in any other industry. Just ask anyone who has ever bought or sold a home. Their entire experience is based on the professionalism and integrity of their realtor. 

We understand that trust is difficult to build and easy to lose in the real estate business. The reason for the growth and success of Sutton Group Professional Realty is a commitment to a quality, service-oriented, professional organization from top to bottom. 

In June of 2001, we earned the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 Certification.  This certification is a world-class quality standard designed specifically for the service industry.  Companies that become ISO Certified have made a commitment to providing their clients with quality service.  In addition, they must strive to enhance their customer satisfaction by continuously monitoring and improving their quality systems. 

We are Canada's most progressive real estate company. Providing you with peace-of-mind, whether you are buying or selling.