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Lockview High School


 Lockview High School is a high school located in Fall River, Nova Scotia, serving the areas of FallRiver, Beaver Bank, Windsor Junction, Waverley, Wellington and a section of Enfield. It opened its doors in 2000, relieving overcrowding at Charls P. Allen High School in Bedford. The building itself is operated by Scotia Learning Centers and is currently being leased to the Halifax Regional School Board

The Lockview High team mascot is a blue dragon named Miller. The school is located in Lockview, an area of Fall River along the Shubenacadie Canal. Other schools in the immediate area include George's P. Vainer Junior High School and Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary School.

Lockview High receives new students primarily from Georges P. Vanier Junior High School in Fall River and Harold T. Barrett Jr. High School  in Beaverbank (located approx. 7 minutes from Lower Sackville). Since Lockview spans grades nine through

 twelve, both Georges. P Vanier and Harold T. Barrett no longer have grade nine classes and instead transfer the students to Lockview. By effectively removing a third of the population from each juniorhigh, Lockview has helped to relieve what was once a severe overpopulation problem in its feeder schools. Lockview has almost 1400 students.

Georges P. Vanier Jr. High School 

Georges P. Vanier Jr. High is a Grade 7-8 only school of approximately 450 students.  About half of our students take part in the Late French Immersion program.  The electives offered include Band at the Grade 7 and 8 levels, Family Studies at Grade 7 and Art at Grade 8.  We offer an Exploratory Program twice a year in which students participate in Outcomes based activities in areas that are of interest to them.  These may include dance, photography, cooking, a variety of sports activities, drama, etc.  We have an extensive extracurricular sports program; as well as, other clubs which include Art, Peer Helpers for French Immersion students, chess, etc.




 Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary School 

Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary School consists from primary to grade six.  This school is a feeder school into George's P. Vanier Jr. High School.